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05 August 2021


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New Registrations

If you are a GP qualified Doctor who wishes to do shifts for Western Urgent Care, please click New Doctor Registration.


When your details have been verified, you will be sent an email with the following information:

Requirements for New Doctors applying to work with Western Urgent Care;

1.  GMC Registration - current

2.  Medical Indemnity Certificate - current

3. Vocational training certificate or Certificate from GMC of exemption

4.  Curriculum Vitae, with names of two referees

5.  Confirmation of inclusion of WHSCT's Primary Care Medical Services Performers' List

6.  Evidence of having worked regularly in Out of Hours, within the UK since January 2005 (if not Northern Ireland, then #7 applies). For GP Registrars, a copy of OOH logbook is regarded as evidence.

7.  For anyone not having #6 then we will provide an initial induction programme, plus a Clinical Assessment (compulsory), after a period of working with Western Urgent Care - to assess OOH knowledge and skills, plus identify any training needs required

8.  Once documentation is received and authorised, an interview must then take place prior to the commencement of working with Western Urgent Care

9.  An out of hours base orientation meeting and visit will be arranged with the Locality Medical Manager

10. Training on Adastra version 3 is also mandatory, if competence not already attained and verifiable training will be provided


New administrators should use this link to register.

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