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17 July 2024


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A Note About the Security Certificate and Secure Access to this site

From the login screen, the site is protected by 256 bit SSL security which encrypts everything sent to and from your PC and the web server. SSL security requires a certificate and we are using a "Self Signed" certificate; i.e. we are ourselves certifying that we are who we say we are rather than using a certificate issued by a "Microsoft Certificate Trusted Authority". As we do not have to prove "on-line" who we are, this is thought to be acceptable.

When presented with information about the certificate you may select "View Certificate" which will show that the certificate was issued TO "www.westernurgentcare.org.uk" BY "www.westernurgentcare.org.uk". Clicking "Install Certificate" tells your PC to accept the certificate in the future without displaying a warning about the certificate issuer.


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